We are delighted to be part of UK Power Networks “Power Partners” funded project for the first time this year. UK Power Networks are very supportive to work with and we were able to quickly set up our project giving energy saving advice to those in the Lewes District who really need support to save on their bills.
We have concentrated our time training up a team of energy champions who are able to give advice in various areas in the Lewes District including Seaford, Newhaven and Peacehaven. As a community energy CIC we are able to give experienced advice, often from our own personal experience, of how to keep heat in our houses without installing costly insulation measures. We are also expert in finding grants and financial support for households due to our experience with the Big Energy Saving Network. As well as the energy advice we give, we are able to check householders’ energy bills to ensure that they are not over-spending, explain the current energy crisis to them and also guide them to any financial help they may be entitled to.
The networks we have developed ensures that we can signpost any householder who needs further support to the agency best placed to help them.
In addition, we are giving out packs of products to help householders to save energy and money. These include reflectors for use behind radiators, draft proofing strips for around external doors, secondary glazing film and energy efficient light bulbs.
We have been able to invest in a thermal imaging camera allowing us to examine residents’ houses to see where the heat is leaking out.
So far, we have presented to 14 groups, trained 8 energy champions and have provided energy advice to 226 local people.