We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Co-op Energy.

Co-op Energy is the UK’s largest independent co-operative, built on co-operative values.  Co-op Energy state that they are committed to fair pricing, honesty and simplicity. 

Co-op Energy have the UK’s only Community Power tariff powered by 100%  community-owned electricity. This tariff features community generated power from local suppliers all over the country generating green energy from wind, sunshine and water.


  • All your electricity comes from community power projects and your gas is carbon offset too
  • Any profits Co-op Energy make are reinvested into community energy projects around the country
  • Just £5 per month more than Co-op Energy’s cheapest fixed rate tariff
  • For every customer who signs up, Co-op Energy will donate £10 to a community energy fund to help support local community initiatives

By switching to this tariff, you will be helping localise your energy supply as well as supporting Ovesco’s initiatives to power our town on community owned renewable energy

Switching is easy. Simply click here  to complete a comparison or to find out more.