OVESCO is delighted to celebrate their 10th anniversary with a uniquely designed One Lewes Pound note. The notes form part of the current issue and are fully backed by sterling and accepted in over 100 local businesses. They are printed to the usual high design standard and are a welcome addition to the current Lewes Pound notes.

OVESCO’s birthday note is the latest celebratory issue alongside notes celebrating 10 years of Transition Town Lewes, the opening of the Depot cinema, the Mumford & Sons weekend, and the celebrations for the 750th anniversary of the Battle of Lewes. 
Susan Murray, director of the Lewes Pound CIC says, “The Lewes Pound developed from the business group of Transition Town Lewes and eventually became the currency group supporting local independent businesses. Alongside OVESCO, it is one of several now well established organisations that grew out of TTL’s commitment to making our town better able to withstand problems associated with climate change and other environmental issues. We are delighted to be celebrating their success, which has given inspiration to so many.”
Chris Rowland from TTL and Ovesco says, “We believe that Transition Town Lewes and Ovesco have made a huge contribution towards making Lewes the very environmentally-aware town that it is. Something that is indeed to be celebrated in these difficult times. Both organisations are proud to have, not just survived, but thrived.

Looking ahead OVESCO is embarking on a major initiative to install solar panels on schools throughout East Sussex, building on the experience of the last 10 years.  Both OVESCO and TTL are delighted with these special notes produced by the Lewes Pound to mark our success.”