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Ovesco comprises three organisations working in cooperation:

  • Ovesco Development Community Interest Company (CIC) which explores new opportunities such as solar farms, power storage, further work with schools.
  • Ovesco Community Benefit Society (CBS) which manages share offers and investments in our current projects,
  • Eastry Energy Community Interest Company (CBS) which focusses on schools and educational establishments.

We have eight directors on two linked boards – one for Ovesco Development CIC and one for Ovesco CBS. The boards meet every quarter on the same day with an overlap period in the middle.

Chris Rowland

Chris Rowland

Director of OVESCO IPS, Ovesco CIC & Ovesco Sunny Solar Schools

‘Working for OVESCO has been my passion for the last ten years and I believe community energy gets people involved in their own energy use’.

I have been employed by OVESCO since 2007. I managed the Lewes District Council micro-generation grant scheme for three years, which allowed OVESCO to fund an office in Lewes. Since then I have managed two Local Energy Assessment Funds, mentored 12 community energy groups to set up as new benefit societies and helped set up Community Energy South in 2014.

I am also a director of Meadow Blue Community Energy CBS, Merston Renewable Energy CIC, and a strong supporter of Community Energy England as well as the Transition Town movement.

Nick Rouse

Nick Rouse

Director of Ovesco IPS, Ovesco Cic, Ovesco Sunny Solar Schools

‘I have worked all my life as a engineer and we have the skills to build a future powered by renewable energy alone’.

With a BSc in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Nick has worked for over 30 years in the electronics and electrical engineering industry. As Chief Engineer and Head of Design/Development for Telcon Ltd he worked on the design and development of the company’s products, principally electrical current and energy sensors, many of which are used in the renewable energy industry around the world.

Nick has wide ranging technical skills in energy conservation and power generation and his own home is fitted with PV, solar thermal and a ground source heating plant. Nick has an MSC form the Centre for Technology in Wales.

Ollie Pendered

Ollie Pendered

Director of Ovesco CIC

‘OVESCO is working towards a happy low carbon future where we can balance locally owned renewable energy with demand and supply.’

I joined OVESCO having set up the Barcombe Energy Group back in 2011 and have worked alongside the team here to help share the OVESCO model to groups around the region. I also chair the Community Energy South network and am currently the sector’s representative with Community Energy England.

As well as developing community energy projects with OVESCO I am a Big Energy Saving Champion, providing much needed independent energy bill advice particularly for the fuel poor and vulnerable. You may have met me over the past five years at one of our Community Energy Cafe events across the region.

Jan Hunter

Jan Hunter

Director of Ovesco IPS, Ovesco CIC

‘I am strongly committed to OVESCO’s work with renewable energy and its community investors’.

With a background in policy-related social and educational research and evaluation of public services, I worked for 12 years as a senior manager at the Audit Commission, inspecting and evaluating the management and delivery of public services and the use of public money. I have also worked with schools and local authorities as a consultant, been the chair of governors of a Brighton primary school, and am involved in a number of local community organisations.

Patrick Crawford

Patrick Crawford

Director of OVESCO IPS, OVESCO CIC, OVESCO Sunny Solar Schools

‘I have been working to combat Climate Change since 2006 and I believe communalities can make a real difference’.

I have been in Partnerships and as Business Development Manager with CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) working with businesses, investors and universities; and supporting the community of Lewes as Director of the Lewes Pound CIC since 2009. With the help of the other OVESCO directors and my willingness to learn I am delighted to be part of the guidance and inspiration that is OVESCO – delivering carbon saving projects, advising others and developing new partnerships and initiatives for the benefit of Lewes District and beyond.

Paul Bellack

Paul Bellack


‘I built an eco home in 2005 in Lewes where I live with my wife and 2 daughters. I have been actively engaged in community projects and am passionate about renewable energy and the environment’.

Paul worked for many years as an investment fund manager before setting up his own property company which he still runs. In 1998, Paul joined 2 other entrepreneurs who had just set up the Ethical Property Co, which is now is one of the largest social businesses in the UK, owning and/or managing a total of 23 Centres across England, Scotland and Wales, and providing office, meeting, event and retail space to over 1000 organisations each year. He continues to be a non-executive director. Paul is also a non-executive director for both  Ethical Property Europe and The Social Justice and Human Rights Centre Company Limited.

Jonathan Russell

Jonathan Russell

Director OVESCO Sunny Solar Schools

‘I am a keen environmentalist, a Green Party member and am eager to help provide renewable energy as cheaply as possible.’.

I have a background in accountancy with a local authority and IT systems development with various insurance and banking organisations.

Julie Salmon

Julie Salmon

Director OVESCO IPS, OVESCO Sunny Solar Schools

‘I am passionate about the environment and spent a number of years campaigning for Greenpeace and running a group of local activists in London. I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Renewable Energy in the Built Environment from the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales. I am a director of Orchard Community Energy Ltd.’.

I am a member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation and started my training as a corporate tax adviser with Ernst & Young in 1988. I have over 25 years’ experience working for a number of multinational companies, gaining significant experience in dealing with internal and external stakeholders, corporate governance and compliance.

Kath Kane

Kath Kane


Kath Kane  has worked in a senior management role in social housing development for a variety of Housing Associations including: Threshold Tenant Trust (now part of London & Quadrant), Tunbridge Wells HA, Guinness Trust, Poplar Harca and others.
She has particular expertise in provision of general needs and special needs housing, refurbishment (occasionally involving the conversion of listed buildings redundant churches and schools) and new build. Also mixed use developments providing, NHS accommodation, playgrounds, & commercial properties as part of housing development schemes..

Experience in  land purchase, planning permission, letting contracts, working with contractors & other professionals

She hopes to bring this experience to her work with OVESCO and generating clean energy with local housing associations.


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We are almost ready to start our new build on local schools.  Will update once the paperwork is signed off.  Construction will start in the school summer holidays.