As part of our CommuniHeat project in Barcombe we have  installed a new weather station at the Secret Campsite in Barcombe.  This will give us accurate local weather data which will inform the findings about how the village interacts with weather conditions and heat use.  We  continue to gather information on heating and house types from the village residents.  Our partners at Buro Happold will create a map that demonstrates visually where there is most heat demand and will help the village determine the best non oil heating options for the different sites and households around the village. There will be an  Energy event at Barcombe village hall on 25th June where villagers will be able to fetch certificates demonstrating their involvement in the project and also any vouchers they may be entitled to as part of their involvement.  The event will also demonstrate the different renewable heating technologies available for rural areas.

Jamie installing the weather station at Brickyard Farm