Sunny Schools Share Offer

Our 2nd Sunny Solar School’s share offer is now open.

Our first share offer enabled us to install 60 kW on the roof tops of two local schools. (See below)
This second share offer we plan to install on up to 16 schools  – dependent on the amount of money we raise and the circumstances within each school.
View our share offer prospectus here.

Learn a little more about how we work and our share offer on this video

Ringmer Community College PV Panels OVESCO Solar Energy Lewes image
Students at Ringmer College “inspecting” their new solar panels

OVESCO Sunny Solar Schools is, a not-for-profit community benefit society.   We have 11 years experience of developing community owned renewable energy in Sussex. 

We want to offer shares first to our local communities where the schools are located.  Many of our existing shareholders invest on behalf of their children or grandchildren.  The shares are a positive investment for many reasons as well as combating climate change and supporting a low carbon future. Every share purchased  helps schools reduce their annual energy bills, reduce about 9 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per school per year; and inspire our next generation of children to be part of a sustainable future.

Our Sunny  Solar Schools programme includes:

Installing solar on schools,
Providing schools with educational monitoring screens which demonstrate how much energy the school is generates and uses
Using additional profits to provide educational experiences about renewable electricity generation at local schools.

St John’s Students, recipients of earlier projects,  at work in their green kitchen

Q: As a prospective shareholder, how will my interest payments be calculated and when will they be paid.
A: We aim to give you 4% of the value of your shares on the register on 30th September, beginning in 2021. The interest will be paid to you after that date each year.



The OVESCO Sunny Solar Schools Community Benefit Society (CBS) is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority as Eastry Energy trading as OVESCO Sunny Solar Schools.  It has been set up to enable schools in East Sussex to benefit from pv panels without having to invest themselves, yet still share in the expected long-term surplus income generated by each  project. The CBS is governed by a cross-disciplinary board of Directors with experience in Community Energy.


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We are almost ready to start our new build on local schools.  Will update once the paperwork is signed off.  Construction will start in the school summer holidays.