New Projects

At OVESCO we are building on our experience with schools and other community-based organisations to support further renewable energy installations more widely across East Sussex.

The benefits are:

  • Community owned solar installations (at no cost to the school or organisation)
  • Lower-cost electricity or heat
  • Measurably lower carbon emissions, visible to all
  • Involvement of pupils, parents and the community
  • A financial return for community investors
  • A basis for low carbon educational initiatives

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OVESCO Sunny Solar Schools

OVESCO has been developing community-owned renewable energy installations with schools for 10 years.  We have worked with local schools including Priory School, Lewes; Ringmer Community College; Wallands School, Lewes and Chailey School.  Our aim is to use our experience to support schools across Sussex to become solar power producers, reduce carbon emissions and provide a platform for educating pupils, parents and the community about climate change.

The Sunny Solar Schools project delivers clean electricity to schools in East Sussex.  Schools in our portfolio  get their daytime electricity at a reduced price for 25 years, and television screens with educational material on them about solar energy.

OVESCO Sunny Solar Schools kicked off with an additional 30kW installed Kings Academy in Ringmer and 30kw installed at St John’s School in Brighton.  We have added additional Sussex schools to our sites, details are on our sites page. Because of Covid 19 government has extended the FITS deadline for community owned solar electricity generating projects until March 2021.  This means that if your school previously registered with Ovesco – and you are project ready – ie, all your stakeholders are on board and enthusiastic to get solar on your roof, get in touch with us.  We would love to be able put solar on your school roof free of charge. 

Some of the completed projects were supported by Ashden’s LESS CO2 programme and the EU-funded Low Carbon Across the South East (LOCASE) project. 

To find out more, get in touch by emailing or give us a call on 01273 472405.