Meadow Blue Solar Farm

The Meadow Blue solar scheme is located on farmland at Merston, between Chichester and Bognor Regis. The project is a 100% community owned. During 2015 we exceeded our target and raised £1,247,547 from a public share offer.

It is comprised of 5MW of solar photovoltaic panels, mounted on a steel racking system, which in turn sits on shallow steel screw pile foundations to minimize ground impact. The site is regularly maintained, both in terms of equipment, safety and security, and landscaping and biodiversity. Hedges and woodland areas are managed as habitats for birds, reptiles and small mammals are sustained beneath the panels.

One of the key aspects of the development is that it is reversible and will be removed from the site at the end of its 25-year life. When the solar scheme is decommissioned, the piles can be easily removed from the ground allowing the site to return to its previous form, if desired. Its agricultural value and potential will not have been diminished as a result of its use as a solar farm, and its biodiversity and habitat richness will have been enhanced.

To find out more visit the Meadow Blue website.