Ovesco Coffee Mornings imageCOME JOIN the Ovesco team at our energy coffee mornings starting in November each Friday  (11 a.m til 12).
Bring your fuel bills and we will help you find the best deal.
23 NOV:
Eco Home Energy systems,, solar batteries, powering your home and charging your EVs.
30 NOV:
Investing in Solar schools and solar schools in Africa
7 DEC:
Owning an EV, charging, costs and grant availability
14 DEC:
Eco retrofits in Lewes, secondary glazing and more
21 DEC:
Christmas Drinks – bring your bills
4 JAN 2019:
Burning plastic for energy? Is it renewable?
11 JAN 2019:
Solar Trains
18 JAN 2019:
How do we get solar into conservation areas?




Back from our 1st coffee morning.  Very interesting conversations about bill checking and how much we are being charged more than needs be.  Particularly if we have not switched suppliers in a while.  Next week we will have a bill checker on hand to help people switch to a reliable better value supplier.  We are paid by government to help people switch, so we have no allegiance to any supplier, though if possible we like to encourage people to go green.

Come next week: bring friends and parents who may well be  paying too much for their electricity and gas.