A partnership between Ovesco and Barcombe Energy Group is one of only three groups in the South-East to have achieved funding from the Local Energy
Assessment Fund (LEAF).

The purpose of LEAF is to help communities with a good track record in renewable energy to identify new opportunities to extend their work in the local area. Ovesco’s
successful creation of a community-owned solar roof on Harveys’ depot was a big factor in the decision to provide funding for further work.

Barcombe Energy Group will take the lead, with support from Ovesco, in carrying out an audit of energy resources in and around the village. Ollie Pendered
from the Group says that they will be looking at a wide range of ways in which renewable energy could be generated, from individual roof slopes for PV and solar
thermal, to woodland, water and industrial/farm buildings for bigger projects. Barcombe has extensive resources of these kinds.


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