Advice Leaflets

Keeping the cold air out

Some useful information on how to  drought proof your home to reduce energy bills.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Find out more about heat pumps and how they can provide reliable and renewable heat to your home.

Insulate Your Loft

Guide on how to insulate your home to improve effecieny and to stop the heat from escaping

Low-energy Bulb Revolution

Find out more on energy-saving light bulbs and much you can save in energy bills.

Solar Water Heating

Find out more about how solar thermal energy can provide hot water for your household.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Find out more about air source heat pumps and how they can provide heating for households.

Central Heating Controls

Useful Information on how to use your heating system efficiently and save on energy bills.

A Complete Guide to Solar PV

Find out how solar PV works, the costs, the installation process and  the grants available.

Energy Efficient Glazing

Find out more about installing energy efficient glazing and high thermal performance doors.

Secondary Glazing

Find out mroe about a low cost alternative to double glazing.

Low-Carbon Retrofitting

How to improve your home to make it more energy efficient.