Ovesco is a community interest company which has been operating since 2007 in Sussex.  We create community owned renewable energy projects so our local community can become zero carbon.   We have recently launched Communiheat: A project to roadmap how to take the village of Barcombe off oil on the road to Net Zero.  

Developing New Projects

Across the world people want to take action on climate change. At Ovesco we enable people to take action by developing new projects. We rely on the community to invest to make this happen.

Ovesco investors

Ovesco Investors: change over ½ million to over 1 million

Scaling up

From kilowatts to megawatts: We are developing large scale community energy for Sussex

Community Energy South

Ovesco set up CES to lead communities across the South in taking positive action on climate change


We develop community-owned renewable energy in East Sussex. We want to reduce our local carbon footprint and lower our dependence on imported energy in partnership with schools, businesses and local people.

We create community owned renewable generation assets. So far we have built almost 6MW of solar. We have hundreds of shareholders with hundreds of thousands of pounds invested in community owned renewable energy.

Join us by investing in our projects, supporting new projects and sharing energy saving advice with friends and neighbours

  • 15 roof top & 1 solar farm arrays
  • £1 million towards home micro generation
  • Supported 230 homes to install microgeneration
  • Over 1,000 energy advice calls
  • Educational events for school children and the community
  • Delivered Free electricity to 3 local schools/nurseries
  • Saved large amounts of money for local schools, businesses & homeowners
  • Mentored new CE groups

Ouse Valley Solar Farm Logo

The solar farm would generate circa 16 MW, the equivalent to power in excess of 4,000 homes locally and be built over a period of circa four months. The aim would be to complete by September 2022.

Wild flowers at Solar Farm image

Quotes from partners and investors:

“A more environmentally friendly approach to energy consumption was something our students had pushed hard to achieve.
We are impressed with the ongoing partnership which has been forged between the school and OVESCO including the support for The Ashden Award.”

Tony Smith

Headmaster, Priory School, Lewes

“The live readings from our solar panels, along with individual pupils taking responsibility for turning off lights and equipment demonstrate how substantial savings in cost and CO2 terms can be made.”

Steve Green

Sustainability Manager, Ringmer Community College


OVESCo – Ashden Award for Community Energy


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Ashden Award Winner 2014