Investing in the future of Community Energy for Lewes

Ovesco is a community group run by local volunteers for the local community in East Sussex

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Priory School

Our first school in Lewes was Priory School.  We combined renewable energy with education & installed 35KW of PV  in June 2012. Since then we have worked with many schools in East Sussex and installed an additional 150 kw of solar.
We are currently registering local schools before Ofgem’s 31st March deadline for community owned renewable energy.

Ovesco investors

Sun, beer and electricity make use of 545 PV panels installed on the roof of our local brewery in July 2011. This 98kW ground breaking project has already generated over ½ million kWh’s and inspired community energy groups all over the UK.

Community Energy South

working as a co-operative we have a powerful voice. OVESCO supports Co-operatives UK, Community Energy South and Community Energy England to increase our locally owned energy supply.



We develop community-owned renewable energy in East Sussex. We want to reduce our local carbon footprint and lower our dependence on imported energy in partnership with schools, businesses and local people.

Our directors calculated that Lewes town uses approx 16MW of electricity to power our homes and businesses.  We are building 16MW of community owned renewable generation assets to make the town carbon neutral.  So far we have built over 5.25 MW towards our target.

Join us by investing in our projects, supporting new projects and sharing energy saving advice with friends and neighbours


Our share offer opens on Saturday 15th June.  The full share offer document can be accessed here.  We hope to complete our first project by the second week of the school holidays.    Most of the schools that we will be providing with solar energy will also gain additional benefits from the projects including reduced energy costs and some swanky educational monitors.

We have already received a number of pledges, towards raising the £158,000 needed to complete our minimum number of projects equalling 140kW of solar.

The share application form is available on the last page of the share offer document.  The one page form can be accessed here

Our community benefit society is fully registered with the FCA and managed by our board of directors which consists of local people who have invested in our projects


Quotes from partners and investors:

“A more environmentally friendly approach to energy consumption was something our students had pushed hard to achieve.
We are impressed with the ongoing partnership which has been forged between the school and OVESCO including the support for The Ashden Award.”

Tony Smith

Headmaster, Priory School, Lewes

“The live readings from our solar panels, along with individual pupils taking responsibility for turning off lights and equipment demonstrate how substantial savings in cost and CO2 terms can be made.”

Steve Green

Sustainability Manager, Ringmer Community College


OVESCo – Ashden Award for Community Energy video

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Ashden Award Winner 2014