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Ovesco and Ringmer Community College launch solar energy share offer

The share offer will be launched at Ringmer Community College on Wednesday 23rd November, at 6.00pm. Please come along and hear about it.

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MBCE Share offer now closed

The Merston Community Energy Solar Farm share offer is now closed.

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Community-owned solar farm powers up in West Sussex

Solar farm near Merston enabled by funding from £1.2m share offer

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Our vision

The Ouse Valley Energy Services Company Ltd (Ovesco Ltd) and OVESCO Limited IPS have been formed by members of the Transition Town Lewes Energy Group. The Energy Group meets regularly to plan events for Lewes and the surounding area. Please contact for more information.


We appreciate that the close similarity of the two names is confusing! We will change one of the names to obviate this problem as soon as we have time. However our first priority has been raising the money to get the current Harveys Roof project up and running before the government's recently-introduced deadline.


Ovesco Ltd is an ordinary limited company registered with Companies House. OVESCO Limited IPS is registered with the FSA as an Industrial and Provident Society for Community Benefit, and this enables it to sell non-tradable shares to members of the community. The aim of both companies is to deliver a range of energy-related projects to the people and businesses of Lewes district, via:


  • Running a solar and insulation grant scheme for Lewes District Council - 2007-2012 now completed

  • Providing easy access to energy efficiency advice, and motivation to take it up.

  • Bulk purchase of electricity from an existing renewable electricity provider and resale to members of the company to generate some income.

  • Surveying energy efficiency of members in existing buildings to assess the best possible steps to reduce energy consumption. Providing householders with home energy ratings.

  • Creation of a local renewables map - so people can see systems in situ.

  • Running local Energy Fairs since 2008.


  • Advise and assist with funding for insulation/efficiency measures.

  • Advise on funding for small-scale renewable energy such as solar panels for members in conjunction with existing schemes

  • Investigating larger scale projects for local energy generation such as community-owned wind turbines, tidal and river current turbines, coppice wood projects, sewage and gas projects and large-scale solar farm projects.

  • Investigation of local electricity and heat distribution networks for villages and towns within the District.

  • Developing large-scale community-owned renewable energy projects such as community PV, wind turbines, water hydro and CHP.



Ovesco Ltd & OVESCO Limited IPS Directors:


Dirk Campbell

Well-connected in the community and worked on the inception of the Lewes New School and of Transition Town Lewes. Founder member of the Lewes Community Partnership, Chairman of the Lewes Matters Sustainability Group, member of the Lewes Community Land Trust and the Transition Town Energy Group, Dirk brings his skills and connections, as well as a deep interest in community involvement, to OVESCO Limited IPS's aims of generating local sustainable power.


Elizabeth Mandeville

Director and Company Secretary. Formerly Research Manager in an IT consultancy, specialist areas including home automation and energy load management systems. Until recently an Associate Lecturer at the Open University. An active member of a local charity, a number of community groups and the Transition Town Lewes Energy Group, Liz is working with the community to raise awareness and promote practical steps towards a low-carbon future.


Chris Rowland

Graduated from the Royal College of Art as an MA furniture/product designer in 1988, and worked in the design and build construction industry for over 16 years on projects for McLaren, HSBC, Shell and GSK. Architectural Glass Design Manager for Komfort Workspace PLC for four years before joining Ovesco Ltd as a Director and project co-ordinator, managing the Ri/REG grant scheme and Energy Efficiency Advice Service. Excellent project management and construction skills and knowledge of design and build.


Nick Rouse

Technical Director of OVESCO Limited IPS with a BSc in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (with commendation). Nick has worked for over 30 years in the electronics and electrical engineering industry. His wide range of skills includes knowledge of semiconductors, infra-red imaging/tracking systems, satellite image-processing systems, design of high-performance electron microscopes and alternative energy fields. As Chief Engineer and Head of Design/Development for Telcon Ltd he has worked on the design and development of the company’s products, principally electrical current and energy sensors, many of which are used in the renewable energy industry around the world. Nick has a vast knowledge of technical skills in energy conservation and power generation (his own home is fitted with PV, solar thermal and a ground source heating plant).

Howard Johns - Ovesco Ltd Director and Chairman of the Solar Trade Association, a Director of Southern Solar, Howard played a pivotal role in setting up OVESCo in 2007. BSc (Hons) in Energy and Environment Technology. Howard founded Southern Solar in 2002 and has managed the growth of the company over the past six years to expand from one office in Sussex to Bristol, London and Hereford. As a director of Ovesco Ltd Howard brings vision and focus as well as practical technical skills (PV, solar thermal, GSHP, and wind turbines) to OVESCo's aims to supply local sustainable power at a community level.



Paul Bellack is not a director of Ovesco Ltd and Howard Johns is not a director of OVESCO Limited IPS. Other directors are directors of both companies.