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Ovesco and Ringmer Community College launch solar energy share offer

The share offer will be launched at Ringmer Community College on Wednesday 23rd November, at 6.00pm. Please come along and hear about it.

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MBCE Share offer now closed

The Merston Community Energy Solar Farm share offer is now closed.

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Community-owned solar farm powers up in West Sussex

Solar farm near Merston enabled by funding from £1.2m share offer

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Ovesco share offer for PV at Ringmer Community College open until 22nd December

Eco reps on Ringmer school roof image

The share offer was launched at Ringmer Community College on Wednesday 23rd November.


Download the prospectus here


To apply for shares download the application form here


For more information contact Chris Rowland at the OVESCO office by


Parents and members of the local community in Ringmer are being invited to invest in new solar panels installed on Ringmer Community College’s roof. This is a joint initiative involving the school and Ouse Valley Energy Services Company (Ovesco). The College has strong eco-credentials, around 180 students are active eco-representatives and some have helped to plan and deliver the share offer. Ovesco has installed community-owned solar panels on the roofs of three other schools as well as on Harvey’s warehouse in Lewes.


Ovesco Ringmer solar panel poster image

The 114 panels generate green electricity from the sun. They will save over 13 metric tonnes of carbon a year and will also provide cheap electricity for the College.


We aim to raise £40,000. Shares can be bought by any local resident aged over 16 with a minimum investment of £250 and maximum of £10,000. Shareholders will be paid interest of about 4% per year. After 25 years, or earlier on application, your money will be returned. So buying shares makes sense both ecologically and financially.